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M-Coat B

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Good resistance to chemicals
• Air drying
• Also used for priming leadwires

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Air-drying solvent-thinned (MEK) nitrile rubber. Forms flexible rubbery coating. Do not use directly on exposed foil or bare leads. Often used to prime vinyl-insulated wire to improve bondability to other coatings. If used as primer on leads, thin 50:50 with MEK. Flexible at cryogenic temperatures. Excellent resistance to gasoline, kerosene, commercial oils. Electrical properties poorer than other M-Coats, particularly at elevated temperatures.

Cure Requirements:
Air-dries in 1 hour at +24°C. Do not apply subsequent protective coatings for at least 2 hours from time of application. Normal cure 24 hours at room temperature.
Further improve chemical resistance with 1 hour bake at +95°C.

Operating Temperature Range:
Short Term: –195° to +150°C [–320° to +300°F].
Long Term: –195° to +95°C [–320° to +200°F].

Available in Single Bottle [30ml]  and Kit 4 [30ml] Bottles.