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M-Bond 200 Catalyst C

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurement M-Bond 200 Catalyst C
• Excellent general-purpose adhesive
• Fast room-temperature cure
• Ease of application

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For routine experimental stress analysis applications under temperate environmental conditions, M-Bond 200 adhesive is ordinarily the best choice. This adhesive is very easy to handle, and cures almost instantly to produce an essentially creep-free, fatigue-resistant bond, with elongation capability of five percent or more.

M-Bond 200 is a cyanoacrylate that has been pretested and certified for use in bonding strain gages. It is an excellent general-purpose adhesive for laboratory and short-term field applications. The procedure for making a strain gage installation with M-Bond 200 is illustrated and described in detail in Instruction Bulletin B-127 included in each kit of adhesive. This is the catalyst for use with M-Bond 200 Adhesive.

For proper results, the procedures and techniques presented here should be used with qualified Micro- Measurements installation accessory products. Those used in this procedure are:

• CSM Degreaser or GC-6 Isopropyl Alcohol
• Silicon Carbide Paper
• M-Prep Conditioner A
• M-Prep Neutralizer 5A
• GSP-1 Gauze Sponges
• CSP-1 Cotton Applicators
• PCT- 2M Gage Installation Tape

We include all this in our start kits, all your adhesive needs packed in a handy tool box.

• Startkit M-Bond 200 1
• Startkit M-Bond 200 2