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M-Bond AE-10 Adhesive

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurement M-Bond AE-10
• 6 Jars
• Two-component epoxy system
• Highly resistant to moisture and most chemicals
• Easy to use

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Two-component, 100%-solids epoxy system for general- purpose stress analysis. Transparent, medium viscosity. Cure time as low as six hours at +75°F [+24°C] may be used. Elevated-temperature postcure is recommended for maximum stability, and/or tests above room temperature.

Highly resistant to moisture and most chemicals, particularly when postcured. For maximum elongation, bonding surface must be roughened. Cryogenic applications require very thin gluelines.

For proper results, the procedures and techniques presented here should be used with qualified Micro- Measurements installation accessory products. Those used in this procedure are:

• CSM Degreaser or GC-6 Isopropyl Alcohol
• Silicon-Carbide Paper
• M-Prep Conditioner A
• M-Prep Neutralizer 5A
• GSP-1 Gauze Sponges
• CSP-1 Cotton Applicators
• PCT-2M Gage Installation Tape
• GT-14 Pressure Pads and Backup Plates
• HSC Spring Clamp

We include all this in our start kits, all your adhesive needs packed in a handy tool box.

• Startkit M-Bond AE-10/15 1
• Startkit M-Bond AE-10/15 2