What we can help you with:
  • Applying straingages
  • Manufacturing after your needs
  • We take both small and large series
  • Traceable calibration.
  • Education in straingage applying, 2 day course at your location.
  • Solutions for your measuring application
  • Customsoftware and standard software
  • Consulting, design/analysis of transducers etc.
  • Construction / manufacturing


Application of straingages:

We apply straingages according to your specifications


E.g.: Torquesensors, forcetransducers et.c. We take both small and large series.


Forcemeasuring screws, multidimensional forcetransducers, torquesensors et.c. We have knowledge to calculate, design and manufacture customproducts and prototypes based on straingage technology in cooperation with the customer or according to the customers specifications.


Calibration of forcetransducers, loadcells and torquesensors.
We have weights upp to 5000kg, hydraulic press upp to 600kN, reference forcetransducer of 600kN and instruments with an accuracy of 25 ppm. Everything is traceable. For forces over this contact us so we can give you an quotation.


We give 2 day courses at your location:
Quantity; 8 – more, Contact us so we can send you a schedual and an quotation.
If less we send you to Vishay in England.

Residual stress analysis:

The RS200 equipment will help you analyse residual stress simple and cheap compared to other systems. Contacts us and we will give you an quotation.


We take on consulting:
Calculating of new products.
Applying straingages and measuring at your location.
Test benches:
We can design and build complete solutuins for your needs. Contact us so we can give you a quotation.