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LORD MicroStrain® produces smart, embedded micro-displacement transducers, inertial sensors, and energy harvesting wireless sensor networks for monitoring the world around us.

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About the company

Welcome to LORD Corporation, MicroStrain® Sensing Systems. We make tiny sensors and systems that are used in a wide range of applications, including advanced manufacturing, off-highway vehicles, commercial and military manned and unmanned vehicles, civil structures, and down-hole tools. Our sensors have won numerous awards and we pride ourselves on being both innovative and responsive to our customer’s unique requirements.

LORD Corporation is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina and is a privately held corporation that was founded in 1924. Our MicroStrain® Sensing Systems business is based in Williston, Vermont and began in 1987. Our early development focused on producing micro-displacement sensors for strain measurement in biomechanics research applications. Our first sensors were designed for arthroscopic implantation on human knee ligaments; since then, we expanded our product line through continual product improvement and expanded our market reach.

We introduced a broader line of micro-displacement sensors that could withstand extreme temperatures, hundreds of millions of cycles, and complete submersion in saline. The aerospace and automotive industry found our sensors met their requirements, and we’ve worked on many groundbreaking projects in these markets.

As our customer base expanded, we continued to innovate by combining multiple sensors along with advanced micro controllers to enhance system performance. We were one of the first sensor companies to add wireless capability so that low power, miniature digital sensors could communicate easily with personal computers and send data to the internet.
Our inclinometer product line was initially developed to measure angles of limbs to help re-animate the limbs of paralyzed individuals. The tiny, lightweight gyro-enhanced orientation modules that resulted from this effort found immediate acceptance for navigation and control of unmanned systems in the military, exploratory robotics applications and measurement feedback for down-hole tools.

Sensors are literally changing our world; we’re inspired to work with our customers to introduce advanced sensing technology that will enable the next generation of smarter and safer machines, civil structures, and implanted devices.
Quality & Innovation

LORD Corporation, MicroStrain® Sensing Systems products are ISO 9000 compliant. Using a mix of in-house assembly and testing and ISO 9000 certified manufacturers, we offer quality products while maintaining cost efficiencies. The calibration systems we use are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology for quality assurance throughout the sensor range.
LORD Corporation, MicroStrain® Sensing Systems is committed to quality and innovation throughout the company. In 1998, we received the prestigious National Tibbetts Award for exemplary achievement in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. We also received business innovator awards from the State of Vermont and has been selected for several product innovation awards by Sensors Magazine, a leading authority in the sensor market.

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