ElastiSense ApS is a spin-off of LEAP Technology ApS, and specializes in the integration of its patent pending Electroactive Polymer (EAP) sensor solution, specifically designed for industrial automation applications.

ElastiSense received funding from Syddansk Innovation in 2016, in order to commercialize its unique sensor solution.

The founders of ElastiSense ApS have a combined 30 years’ experience with EAP sensors through their earlier work with Danfoss and LEAP Technology, both EAP technology providers.

We leverage from our 30 years’ industrial experience, to engineer our solutions for your specific needs.

Along with relevant academic backgrounds, this means we possess all the necessary engineering expertise: mechanics, electronics, software, modelling, experimentation, and process design, in order to offer unique sensor solutions for your particular application.


ElastiSense is producer of mechanically flexible displacement sensors based on a ground-breaking sensor technology (capacitive elastomers) which allows measurement of both linear and off-axis displacements.

Unlike piston-based sensors (LVDTs, Potentiometers, and Linear Encoders), ElastiSense sensors operates by being STRETCHED hence no sliding parts are present in its construction.

The highly elastic characteristic makes the sensors inherently robust against shock, vibration, and installation misalignment which allows easy installation without the need for precautionary complicated mechanics.

The capacitive sensing of the sensor allows high precision even in mechanically aggressive applications with an absolute accuracy smaller than 0.1% full scale.

With 40+ years of experience in the technology, ElastiSense team can customization in Sensors size, measurement range, IP rating, and mechanical fixation mechanisms.

Our displacement sensors are precise yet mechanically flexible thanks to the utilized ground-breaking ‘active rubber’ sensor technology.

Unlike piston-based displacement sensors (LVDTs, Potentiometers, and Linear Encoders), our sensors can measure displacement while tolerating off-axis shear motion of a machine since the core sensing element is made of rubber and thus stretchable in all three dimensions.

Our sensors and sensing solutions offer robust and reliable measurement of displacement, frequency, and speed, in nearly all applications within industrial automation.

Products by ElastiSense