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By Texense

• Texense XN4
• High temp amplifier
• Programmable Gain and Offset
• Offset value from 0 to 5V
• Working temperature from -20 to +125°C
• Supply voltage: 5 to 16 V
• Supply current (amp only): < 5 mA • Noise reduction • Output signal: 0 - 5 V • Dimensions: 13x10x4 mm

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Our XN4 product is an analog amplifier with offset and gain control by microcontroller. It makes work very much simpler as it allows:

gain and offset adjustment,
initiation of a temperature compensation testing cycle and
checking of any deviation from the gauge level itself.

Its size enables the amplifier XN4 to be fitted just next to the gauge bridge thus cutting down on any parasite activity.

This XN4 amplifier can be used with a full, half or quarter bridge.