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By LORD Microstrain

The WSDA-2000 is a network ready gateway for high speed, sophisticated data aggregation, with J1939 CAN and Ethernet interfaces

• USB and Ethernet-based gateway
• Losslessdata throughputand synchronized node-to-node sampling of±50 μSin LXRS+ and LXRS-enabled modes
• Push all orselected sensordata to a J1939 CAN bus
• Wireless range up to 2 km (800 m typical)
• Seamlessintegration with SensorCloud™

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The LORD Sensing Wireless Sensor Network is a high-speed, scalable, sensor data acquisition and sensor networking system.  Each system consists of wireless sensor interface nodes, a data collection gateway, and full-featured user software platforms based on the LORD Sensing Lossless Extended Range Synchronized (LXRS) and LXRS+ data communications protocols.  Bi- directional wireless communication between the node and gateway enables sensor data collection and configuration. Gateways can be connected locally to a host computer or remotely via local and mobile networks. Some gateways also feature analog outputs for porting sensor data directly to stand-alone data acquisition equipment.

  • Gateway Overview

    The WSDA-2000 is a data acquisition gateway designed to configure, co-ordinate, and collect sensor data from LORD Sensing wireless sensor nodes. The gateway supports all data acquisition sessions between wireless nodes and host computers including: continuous sampling, burst sampling, and datalogging. The gateway also facilitates precision sampling synchronization between sensor nodes by transmitting a continuous, system-wide timing reference known as the beacon. Communication between the nodes and gateway is wireless and uses the LORD Sensing LXRS and LXRS+ data communications protocols. The WSDA-2000 utilizes Ethernet and USB interfaces to transfer data from the wireless nodes to a host computer for viewing, analysis, and storage. It also provides a CAN data ouput.

  • Features

    High Performance

    • Lossless data throughput and synchronized node-to-node sampling of ±50 μS in LXRS+ and LXRS-enabled modes
    • Wireless range up to 2 km (800 m typical)

    Ease of Use

    • Remote configuration, acquisition, and display of sensor data with SensorConnect
    • Data visualization through web-based SensorCloud portal for quick data navigation and analysis
    • Easy custom integration with open-source, comprehensive communications and command library (API)
    • Connect the gateway to a cellular or wi-fi modem for wireless connectivity to the host network

    Cost Effective

    • Hundreds of sensors managed from a single gateway
    • Reduction of costs associated with wiring
  • Gateway Components

    The WSDA-2000 can be purchased individually or in a starter kit. The kit includes everything required to operate the WSDA-2000 including a removable external antenna, a power supply, and cables for interfacing with the host computer or network. For a complete list of available configurations, accessories, additional system products, and ordering information.