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Watt-Link™ -LXRS®

By LORD Microstrain

• Configurable AC line voltage inputs for measurement ranges of 120 to 600 VAC, 1 to 3 phases, and all standard wiring configurations
• Three current transformer inputs to monitor AC loads
• Designed for collection of local and remote time synchronized power and energy measurements without costly installation and maintenance of sub-panels
• User selectable monitoring settings such as measurement type, current transformer ratings, sample rates, and more

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The Watt-Link™ -LXRS® is a line powered node for AC power, phase, current, and frequency monitoring, with low duty cycle and synchronized sampling options.

Wireless Simplicity, Hardwired Reliability

High Performance
Node-to-node synchronization up to ±32 microseconds
Scalable, long range wireless sensor networks up to 2 km
Lossless data throughput under most operating conditions

Ease of Use
Easy to install in existing electrical panels
Remotely configure nodes, acquire and view sensor data with Node Commander®.
Optional web-based SensorCloud™ interface optimizes data storage, viewing, and analysis.
Easy integration via comprehensive SDK
Line-powered for long-term deployment

Cost Effective
Reduction of costs associated with wiring