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V-Link 200

By LORD Microstrain

• 8x higher sample rate (up to 4,096 Hz)
• 4x more resolution (18-bit)
• Dual power options (long-life battery and hardwired)
• Four ±150 mVDC fully differential inputs
• Four ±10 VDC single-ended inputs
• Onboard memory for 8m data points

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Introducing our most advanced and high-performing wireless node to date. V-Link 200 is LORD Sensing’s new wireless 8-channel analog input sensor, ideal for precise measurement of a variety of conditions—everything from voltage to acceleration.

The V-Link-200 wireless sensor node features eight analog input channels designed to accommodate a wide range of Wheatstone bridge and analog sensors, including strain, load cell, torque, pressure, acceleration, vibration, magnetic field, displacement, and geophones. There are four channels for single- ended sensor measurement, four channels for differential sensor measurement, and an on-board internal temperature sensor.
V-Link-200 inputs are 18-bit resolution with ± 0.1% full scale measurement accuracy. The node can log data to internal memory, transmit real-time synchronized data, and it supports event driven triggers with both pre- and post- event buffers.
To acquire sensor data, the V-Link-200 is used with a LORD Sensing data gateway such as the WSDA- 101 or WSDA-1500 Base.