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TOC Tilt Switch

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology TOC Tilt Switch
• Hysteresis up to 0.01°
• Trip repeatability up to 0.005°
• Dual trip point each axis
• Adjustable filtering when vibrating
• Electrical damp - Eliminates inadvertent outputs due to momentary movement
• Delay time adjustable
• Efficient EMC protection
• IP67 Protection
• Both tilt data+switch signal output
• Omini-direction alarm optional

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  • Product info

    TOC tilt switch is used in high accuracy and strictly security requirements with hysteresis up to 0.01° .
    Through the real higher combined absolute accuracy, greatly improve the real alarm accuracy than others with about 3% cross-axis senitirity.
    This tilt switch employee transistor open collector output, with rapid response and high drive ability.
    Via RS232 interface, user can adjust alarm point, damp ratio, alarm delay time etc.


  • Size & Wiring

    TOC Dimensions

    Picture 3 Housing with MIL class connector




  • Ordering


    For example, if order a dual axis tilt switch, with range ±15°, room temperature accuracy ±0.02°, -20~60℃ accuracy±0.02°, switch output, 8 meters cable with plug, the model should be chosen as: SST302-15-G25-00-00-C1-D3(8m)
    Other options (see table 4):
    PC application software——order number SST003-04-09
    Magnetic base——order number SST003-01-01

    Table 3 Accessories 
    Item Order Code Accessories name Function
    C1 Standard Cable
    with plug
    Military class connector(meet MIL-C-26482),Standard 2M
    cable,IP67 protection, heavy duty up to 30kg
    C4 Armoured cables Increase cable mechanical strength, anti-erosion and anti-jamming
    C6 Standard plug According to MIL-C-26482, IP67 protection
    D1 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃,accuracy ±0.01°@≤±30°
    D2 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃, accuracy ±0.01°@>±30°
    D3 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@≤±30°
    D4 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@>±30°
    D5 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@≤±30°
    D6 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@>±30°
    D7 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D8 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°
    D9 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range-40~85℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D10 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~85℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°
    Table 4 Options
    Item P/N Option name Function
    SST003-01-01 Magnetic base 50kg suction, permanent magnet, stainless steel
    SST003-01-06 Alignment block Positioning sensor’s X\Y axis to align with actual tilt direction
    Softaware SST003-04-09 PC application software Setting function: serial port, data save, display, alarm
    Command function: zero, filter coefficient, refresh rate,
    acceleration of gravity, ID address, output model
    Tool function: zero calibration, software update,
    playback mode, real-time display mode, cursor load
    display, raw data display Viewgraph function: status
    bar, toolbar, data area, chart area
    Operating platform: windows XP, Windows 7
    Test report SST003-11-01 Test report for
    cross-axis sensitivity
    Test report under banking tilt, average 11 points
    of full range
    SST003-11-03 Test report for Alloewd
    Installations misa lignment
    Axis migration test report for vertical and
    horizontal axis of inclinometer,3 angles
    SST003-11-04 Response time and
    The report for time response curve/ data and hysteresis
    SST003-11-05 Test report for vibration According to inclinometer’s standard
    vibration characteristic
    SST003-11-06 Test report for mechanical shock According to inclinometer’s standard shock
    SST003-11-08 MTBF analysis report MTBF Statistical analysis report