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• Car tire testing
• Truck tire testing
• Mining/Agriculture tire testing

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XSENSOR™’s high resolution IX500 sensors provide clear tire print images which allow researchers to assess pressure profiles and make specific measurements and calculations enabling them to effectively compare and contrast tire designs.

TireIn the past, tire prints were generated using ink and paper to calculate dimensions; from there pressure film was used. Now, companies rely on pressure imaging technology from XSENSOR™ to create their needed pressure profiles and measurements. The IX500 sensors combined with the X3 PRO software provide a dynamic way to gather information from applied tire loads and post process the information to generate comparisons and calculations. The XSENSOR™ system provides efficiency and ease-of-use for tire researcher to gather, analyze and compare tire profiles. XSENSOR™ has a solid reputation within the tire testing community and works with the majority of the top 50 manufacturers in the world. Our tire pressure profiles started with car tires, expanding into truck tires, and most recently moved into sensors for R&D on mining and agriculture tires.
The IX500:192.192.05 sensor is our latest tire sensor program, being used on mining and agriculture tire manufactures to profile and analyze new tire designs. The sensor provides an area of 97cmx97cm and can be paired providing a total contact area of 194cmx97cm. Profiling large tires is now possible with our latest innovations.


Most Common Tire Testing Packages

Car tire testing: IX500:256.256.22 & X3 PRO System with 4 X3 PRO Sensor Packs
Truck tire testing: IX500:256.256.16 & X3 PRO System with 4 X3 PRO Sensor Packs
Mining/Agriculture tire testing: IX500:192.192.05 & X3 PRO System with 3 X3 PRO Sensor Packs