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Thermal-shock-proof Inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology
• Withstand 1200℃ thermal shock within 5 minutes
• Special cable protective cover
• IP65 protection grades
• High resolution & accuracy& stability
• Particular high temperature material, structure designX sensitive axis mark

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  • Product info

    The thermal-shock –proof inclinometer based on high performance/reliability/stability inclinometer, especially designed from shell material, connector, insulation, cable protection etc, with finite element (FEA) analysis tool, it is a professional tilt angle measuring products in highest temperature environment .

    Electric power, chemical, metallurgy and other industries such as high-temperature region
    Metallurgical heating treatment equipment, high-temperature fluid pipeline equipment
    Missile launch vehicles, launchers, aircraft carriers and other military equipment exposed to high-temperature region

  • Size & Wiring



    Table 2 RS 232 pin definition

    Cable wire color Function
    Red Power+
    Black Power GND
    Green Signal GND
    Yellow NC
    White NC
    Blue RS232-TXD
    Brown RS232-RXD


  • Ordering







    For example, if order a dual axis thermal shock-proof inclinometer, with range ±15°, room temperature accuracy ±0.02°, output RS422, 2 meters cable with plug, the model should be chosen as: SST302-15-G2-00–B1-C15-00

    Table 3 Accessories 
    Item Order Code Accessories name Function
    00 RS232 Directly angle output
    Data format: Baud rate:115200(adjustable), 8 data bits, 1 start bit,
    1 stop bit, none parity
    Refresh rate:5Hz, optional: 10Hz, 20Hz
    G1 RS485 output Isolated, Compatible with half-duplex or full-duplex communication;
    ±15kV ESD protection
    Compatible with ANSI/TIA/EIA-485-A-98 & ISO8482:1987(E)
    Comply with UL1577—2500V rms for 1min;
    Transmission rate up to 500 kbps, support max 256pcs node
    High common mode transient suppression ability>25kV/us;
    Support Modbus-RTU, sensor supply HEX or ASCII communication
    G2 RS422
    G3 CAN Compliance with ISO/DIS 11898, twisted-pair output
    Support CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B protocol
    Build-in high-speed photo isolators
    Support 15 baud rates from 5k to 1000Kbps
    Transmission distance: 10km Max