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Submersible Inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology Submersible Inclinometer
• 3000m submersible depth
• Combined accuracy: ±0.01°
• ±0.1%FS Cross-axis sensitivity
• Special underwater connector
• Resistance to acid and alkali salt corrosion
• Reduce installation error via “Allowed Input axis misalignment”

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  • Product info

    Vigor’s Submersible Inclinometer provides very high combined accuracy and real-time remote monitoring of tilt of submerged structures or slow moving object. A high-performance SST300 sensor mounted inside a rugged waterproof housing to under-water with max.3000m.
    The inclinometer housing is machined and welded from solid stainless steel, each product meet with highpressure test, to providing extreme endurance for long-term high-pressure underwater environment. The cable and socket is a submarine grade connector, which provides watertight performance at depths exceeding 3000 meters.
    This unit provides ±0.1%FS Cross-axis sensitivity and ±0.01°Combined absolute accuracy. It is a real high performance product.
    To resolve the difficult installation underwater, this unit performs a special parameter named as “Allowed Input axis misalignment” which can reduce the installation error more when the real tilt direction not consistent to unit sensitivity axis.
    The inclinometer can be mounted directly on horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces. In all three situations, no precision leveling or alignment of the inclinometer is required as the wide measurement range (+/-60°) allows for latitude in installation.

  • Size & Wiring












    Pin RS485 output CAN
    1 Power+ Power+
    2 Power- Power GND
    3 Signal GND NC
    4 NC CANH
    5 NC CANL
    6 RS485A NC
    7 RS485B NC
    8 NC NC




  • Ordering







    For example, if order a single axis inclinometer, with range ±15°, Output RS485, Watertight cable with plug, vibration suppression fun-tion, 3000m underwater housing (B2), the model should be chosen as: SST301-15-G1-F5-B2-C5-00.

    Table 3 Accessories 
    Item Order Code Accessories name Function
    G1 RS485 output Standard industrial Modbus protocol
    G3 CAN Standard industrial interface
    Cable/Plug C5 Watertight cable with
    3000m underwater with special plug
    D1 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃,accuracy ±0.01°@≤±30°
    D2 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃, accuracy ±0.01°@>±30°
    Table 4 Options
    Item P/N Option name Function
    SST003-04-09 PC application software Functions: serial port setting, control, diagnose, record, adjustable sampling, zero setting and zero recovery, adjustable vibration suppression filter parameters
    SST003-04-13 Flatness measuring software Measure and display the surface flatness of object
    SST003-04-14 Verticality measuring software Through multi-sensors, to realize the whole object’s vertical measurement and display
    Power SST003-09-02 Portable battery packs Output 24VDC,Continuous work 24 hours, IP65, rechargeable
    SST003-09-03 Complementary power combined with solar and wind energy Solar and wind energy, output 24VDC@1A, Day & night working
    SST003-11-01 Test report for
    cross-axis error
    Accuracy test report under banking tilt, average 11 points of
    full range
    SST003-11-03 Test report for Allowed
    Installation misalignment
    Axis migration test report for vertical and axis of inclinometer, 3 angles of point
    SST003-11-13 Test report for salt spray According to MIL standard(meet MIL-810F 509.4)
    SST003-11-14 Test report for IP protection According to IEC standard