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SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology SST810
• No drift, dynamic tilt measuring
• Lowest cost
• Built in mems tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope
• Dynamic repeatability ±0.5°
• Highest refresh rate 1000Hz
• X/Y/Z angular rate & acceleration data available
• Autonomous working, do not need any external auxiliary
• Mounted wherever needed

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  • Product info

    SST810 dynamic inclinometer is specially designed for motion application, which is an inertial product measures dynamic roll/pitch angle with high update rate. SST810 has concentrated Vigor years of application experiences and technologies of tilt measurement, combines with inertial navigation technology, to achieve max. 1000Hz update rate.

    Traditional inclinometer based on accelerometer and electrolyte principles. In dynamic motion such as rapid movement vehicle and vessel, the measurement result will be affected by extra axial acceleration and centripetal acceleration, so that valid angle measurement data can’t identify effectively, and accuracy is unable to guarantee. SST810 adopts advanced inertial navigation technology to exactly measure dynamic pitch/roll angle long term, without aiding of GPS etc..

  • Size & Wiring


    Table2 Pin definition

    Pin RS422 RS232 CAN
    1 Power+ Power+ Power+
    2 Power GND Power GND Power GND
    3 Signal GND Signal GND Signal GND
    4 RS422-TXD+ NC CAN_H
    5 RS422-TXD- NC CAN_L
    6 RS422-RXD+ TXD NC
    7 RS422-RXD- RXD NC












  • Ordering

    Producte type Description
    SST810-G0 With RS232 output
    SST810-G2 With RS422 output
    SST810-G3 With CAN2.0A/B output
    SST810-OEM No housing