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SST100 Inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology SST100
• High stability & performance-cost ratio
• Small size,light weight,easy to integrate
• Cross-axis sensitivity up to ±0.3%FS
• Omni-direction alarm & dual alarms,analog & digital outputs
• Full-seal,resistant to vibration and shock
• IP67 protection

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  • Product info

    SST100 inclinometer is high reliable tilt angle measurement product for construction machinery industry application. This inclinometer adopts various technologies on reliability & stability,including full-sealing,strengthen PCBA design,optimized power management,enhanced resistance to shock & vibration,30kg tensile cable,motion simulation of life testing,patented automatic test technology and precision machining of aluminum alloy.
    SST100 inclinometer emploies low-g MEMS acceleration sensors with 2000g shock. Through non-linearity compensation, cross-axis sensitivity error compensation, filtering etc, output analog/digital/alarm signals which precise proportional to actual tilt angle or ASCII data of tilt angle,or alarm signal based on setup alarm point.
    SST100 inclinometer is suitable for kinds of construction machinery and field equipment,may directly connect with vehicle battery or other unregulated DC power,jitter-free high hysteresis fast ON/OFF output,direct drive such as relays, speakers, sound & light alarm equipment,PLC and other devices,and can setup alarm point online via RS232 interface.

  • Size & Wiring










  • Ordering

    Model Axis Connector Output Range
    SST111 1 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) 1 alarm point of X axis ±5°,±10°,
    SST121 2 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) 1 alarm point of each axis
    SST122 2 Pigtail (-P) 2 alarm point of each axis
    SST130 Omni-direction Binder712(-C) ,optional Pigtail (-P) 1 alarm point
    SST141 1 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) 0.5~4.5VDC ±5°,±10°,
    ±90°, ±180°
    SST142 2 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) 0.5~4.5VDC
    SST151 1 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) 4~20mA
    SST152 2 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) 4~20mA
    SST161 1 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) RS232 (RS485 optional)
    SST162 2 Binder712(-C),optional Pigtail (-P) RS232 (RS485 optional)