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By Lorenz Messtechnik

• Analog
• Lorenz Messtechnik SI
• High Accuracy
• Voltage or Current Output
• Direct Connection to PLC
• Long Input Lead from SI to Evalua- tion possible
• Applicable in heavy Industries by robust Aluminum Casting Housing
• High Level of Protection IP66

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Strain Gauge (SG) Measuring Amplifier for the Conversion of SG-based Sensor (e.g. Force and Torque Sensors or Load Cells) Output Signals to normed Voltage Signals of ±5V, ±10V, 0/4 … 20 mA, 10±10 mA or 12±8 mA for the direct Connection to e.g. a PLC or Production Machine. Through its robust Aluminum Die Cast Housing with high Level of Protection IP66, this Measuring Amplifier is also very suitable for heavy Industry Applications.

The sensor-interface SI is designed for the interface adaption between sensor and evaluation. The interference- prone output signals of strain gauge sensors are raised to a high level. Thus, the meas- urement safety and the meas- urement accuracy is crucially increased.
The excitation voltage range of 16 .. 32VDC and the analog outputs of ±10V, resp. 0/4 .. 20 mA allow the direct signal processing with a PLC-Control. The sensor is powered with stabilized DC voltage which is generated from unregulated supply (16 .. 32VDC).
The subsequent precision measuring amplifier converts the output signals of the sen- sor into standardized signals. Serially, the interface is being delivered with PG7 screw connections.
An universal and easy adapta- tion to different sensors is possible through a wide control range of the zero point and the amplification by determining the coarse adjustment through a switch and by fine adjust- ment with the potentiometers. An optional external control signal excitation allows to activate the control signal in the sensor (if available) with a control signal, externally. By this, the adjustment and the subsequent evaluation can be checked at any time. Furthermore, an input filter is adjustable with a potentiome- ter (to eliminate interferences, e.g. by frequency converters etc.).