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Non-Contact DVRT®

By LORD Microstrain

• LORD Non-Contact DVRT®
• Sub-micron resolution with large stroke/size ratio
• High dynamic range for difficult measurements
• Ease of Use
• Non-contact position measurement
• Plug and play usability
• Easily customized to suit specific requirements
• Signal conditioning options for any application

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Ideal for difficult sensing applications, the Non-Contact DVRT® is designed to measure the displacement and proximity of a metal target without physical contact. The measurement is unaffected by interposed nonmetallic, non-conductive materials, such as polymers and biomaterials. The stainless shell of the device houses two coils; one for sensing and the other for temperature compensation. The coils and Teflon® cable are mounted on a stable PEEK substrate. This assembly is potted into the stainless housing using high-grade, vacuum-pumped epoxy and includes integral strain relief. This packaging allows the sensor to be used in applications requiring long-term immersion in water and saline solutions.

Electrical Specifications (Obtained using DEMOD-DVRT® and DVRT® with 800 Hz low pass filter at constant temperature)

Measurement range
1.0 mm
2.5 mm
Accuracy ±0.2 to ±1% with polynomial calibration
Sensitivity DEMOD output/sensor range
Signal to noise standard – 1000 to 1with filter 3dB down at 800 Hz
Resolution dependent upon displacement area
Frequency response 800 Hz standard, 20 KHz optional
Temperature coefficient offset 0.0039%/°C (typical)
span 0.016%/°C (typical)
dependent on target material
Hysteresis ±2 microns (typical)
Repeatability ±2 µm (typical) at constant temperature


Mechanical Specifications



diameter x length (thread)

4.83 mm x 19.0 mm (10-32 UNF-2A )
12.70 mm x 19.0 mm (½-20 UNF 2A)

Housing material 300 series stainless steel
Attachment method threaded stainless nuts
Leadouts 45 cm, shielded, teflon insulated, stainless wire reinforced, multistrand conductors
Connector keyed 4-pin Lemo, polyolefin relief
-55 to 175 °C
Cable diameter 0.036 “ to 0.070 “