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Model 700 Portable Strain Gage Welding and Soldering Unit

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurements Model 700
• Portable Strain Gage Welding and Soldering Unit
• Visual and audible indicators
• Convenient storage space for cables

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Separate visual and audible indicators monitor welder status – Weld energy is continuously adjustable from 3 to 50 joules, making the Model 700 an excellent choice for installing weldable strain gages and temperature sensors, as well as small thermocouples and light-gauge metal. Supplied with a lightweight soldering pencil – A front-panel control adjusts soldering tip temperature for a wide range of soldering applications in the field or in the laboratory. “Low-battery” light to warn the user when the internal, sealed lead-acid battery requires charging – A battery charger is included to provide for full battery charge with no danger of overcharging. Indicator lights monitor battery charge rate. Convenient storage space for cables, battery charger and instruction manual.

Overall Size: 230 L x 230 W x 250mm H
Weight: 9.5kg
Power for Recharging: 115Vac or 230Vac, 50-60Hz. Uses external AC transformer (provided).
Operating and Storage Temperature Range: –20° to +50°C

Weld Energy Range: 3 to 50 joules, continuously adjustable by front-panel control. Maximum open-circuit voltage less than 25Vdc.
Maximum Weld Repetition Rate: 20 per minute at 30 joules, typical.
Number of Welds per Battery Charge: Approximately 2000 at weld energy setting of 30 joules. This is equivalent to 40 Micro-Measurements weldable gage installations.
Battery Charge Time: (from full discharge) 12 hours to 75% full charge; 18 hours to full charge.
Battery: One sealed, rechargeable lead-acid (non-liquid) type, 12 volt, 5 ampere-hour.
Welding Probe: Manually fired with trigger control and “steady-rest.”
Welding Cables: Two 1.5m, fully flexible.
Weld Energy Monitor: Calibrated front-panel control with READY and WAIT indicators; audible indication selectable.

Temperature Control: Continuously variable with bands indicating melting range of solders.
Soldering Pencil: 31 gm, rated at 25 watts, 12 volt operation. Tip temperature adjustable from +90° to +480°C.
Soldering Duration: 4 hours using +183°C melting point solders (with initial full charge).