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Model 1300 Gage Installation Tester

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurements Model 1300
• Compact size
• Battery operated convenience
• Reads insulation resistance to 20 000 megohms
• Measures deviation of installed gage resistance to 0.02%
• Ohmmeter scale available for troubleshooting
• Verifies the complete installation, including leadwires

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The Model 1300 is a compact, battery-powered instrument used to verify the electrical quality of a strain gage
installation BEFORE it is placed in service
Two of the most important measurements used to verify the quality of a strain gage installation are insulation
resistance (leakage to ground) and shift in gage resistance due to installation procedures. While these
two measurements are not a complete guarantee of eventual proper strain gage performance, any installation that
produces questionable values should not be relied upon where accuracy of results is necessary.
For example, a voltage difference between the specimen and strain gage frequently exists. A low insulation
resistance will permit this voltage differential to introduce extraneous signals during strain measurement.