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Microminiature DVRT®

By LORD Microstrain

• LORD Microminiature DVRT®
• Micron resolution with large stroke/size ratio
• Frictionless design for robust use over millions of cycles
• Suitable for use in harsh fluids and environments
• Ease of Use
• World’s smallest linear displacement sensor
• Plug and play usability
• Easily customized to suit specific requirements
• Signal conditioning options for any application

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Ideal for critical linear displacement measurements, the Microminiature DVRT® delivers high performance in a tiny package. Advanced materials and electronics have resulted in a rugged, fast, and sensitive instrument, capable of submersion in aqueous environments. The Microminiature DVRT® features micron- to-sub-micron resolution, linear analog output, flat dynamic response to kHz levels, and very low temperature coefficients. Its free-sliding cores are extremely lightweight and utilize flexible, elastic, bio-compatible alloys to provide resistance to kinking and permanent deformation.


Electrical Specifications Obtained using DEMOD-DVRT® and DVRT® with 800 Hz low pass filter at constant temperature

Linear Stroke Lengths 3, 6 & 9 mm (standard version)
1.5 mm (high resolution version)
Accuracy ± 1.5% using straight line
± 0.1% using polynomial
Sensitivity DEMOD output/sensor range
Signal to noise 2000 to 1 (with filter 3 dB down at
800 Hz, standard); 600 to 1 (unfiltered) noise measured peak to peak
Resolution 1.5 µm for 3 mm stroke
3.0 µm for 6 mm stroke
4.5 µm for 9 mm stroke
300 nm for high resolution version
Frequency response 800 Hz standard, 20 kHz optional
Temperature coefficient offset 0.0029%/ °C (typical) span 0.030%/ °C (typical)
Hysteresis ±1 micron
Repeatability ± 1 micron


Mechanical Specifications

Overall body length 11.3 mm for 3 mm stroke
18.7 mm for 6 mm stroke
26.8 mm for 9 mm stroke
11.3 mm for high resolution version
Outside diameter 1.5 mm (standard version) 1.8 mm (high resolution)
Housing material smooth 316 stainless steel;

4-40, 6-32 & 8-32 400 series stainless steel imperial threaded body options

M3x0.5-6g,  M3.5×0.6-6g, & M4x0.7-6g 400 series stainless steel metric threaded body options

Attachment method threaded body
Leadouts 45 cm, multi stranded, shielded, stainless steel reinforced, Teflon insulated
Connector keyed 4-pin Lemo, polyolefin relief
Operating temperature -55 to 175 °C
Core weight 3 mm: 0.06 g, 6 mm: 0.07 g, 9 mm: 0.07 g, 1.5 mm: 0.06 g
Core material 0.020” diameter super elastic NiTi alloy, 00-90 thread optional
Cable diameter 0.036 “