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M-Coat C

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurment M-Coat C
• Air drying
• Low reinforcement
• Transparent

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Solvent-thinned (naphtha) RTV silicone rubber. Cures to tough, rubbery transparent film. Good all-around mechanical and electrical properties. Completely noncorrosive. Film thickness 0.4-0.5mm per coat.
Recommended for lab and field installations that require a high degree of protection in thin coatings. Good water- splash protection. Good chemical resistance.

Cure Requirements:

Solvents evaporate in about 60 minutes at room temperature. Allow 20 minutes drying time between coats.
Cures in 24 hours at +24°C and 50% RH. Longer cure at lower humidity.

Operating Temperature Range:

Short Term: –60° to +290°C [–75° to +550°F]
Long Term: –60° to +260°C[–75° to +500°F]

Available in Single Bottle [30ml]  and Kit 4 [30ml] Bottles.