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By LORD Microstrain

• Designed for high speed, high resolution periodic burst sampling of Integral Electronic Piezoelectric (IEPE) and Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric (ICP®) accelerometers
• Ideal for vibration sensing in challenging applications, such as critical structure and machine health monitoring
• High resolution data with 24-bit A/D converter
• User-programmable 1 KHz to 104 KHz sample rates
• 109.5 dB dynamic range
• User-selectable low pass filtering

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The IEPE-Link™ -LXRS® specialized high-speed node is designed for synchronized, periodic burst sampling of piezoelectric devices.

Wireless Simplicity, Hardwired Reliability™

High Performance

Node-to-node synchronization up to ±32 microseconds
Lossless data throughput under most operating conditions
Extended wireless communication range to 2km
Ease of Use

High capacity, rechargeable battery for extended use
Remotely configure nodes, acquire and view sensor data with Node Commander®.
Optional web-based SensorCloud™ interface optimizes data storage, viewing, and analysis.
Accepts most IEPE accelerometers
Cost Effective

Out-of-the box wireless sensing solution reduces development and deployment time.