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GPS Inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology GPS
• Output data: position, speed, PPS clock, X & Y axis tilt angle
• Level position accuracy: 2.5 m CEP, 2.0 m @ SBAS
• PPS clock accuracy: 30ns RMS
• Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s
• Tilt repeatability: ±0.0025°
• Local gravity acceleration value adjust automatically, ensure accurate zero at any place of world
• Radio:GPS L1 band, C/A code, GALILEO Open Services GLONASS FDMA;SBAS:WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
• Available to API for Google maps

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  • Product info

    GPS inclinometer is a new attitude measurement product, creatively designed by Vigor. It combines GPS module and unique tilt measurement technology, not only provides roll & pitch angle data, but also position, time and speed information available. It meets the requirement of that, many sensors work synchronically in static situation, and positioning and synchronization in dynamic situation.
    Local latitude & longitude information are provided by internal GPS module, and the inclinometer can use these to adjust the gravity acceleration value automatically, so as to ensure accurate tilt angle data. Also with the GPS information, end-user can install many sensors in proper places to realize attitude monitoring of mountain or other fields.
    GPS inclinometer has added time-stamp on angle data, 30ns accuracy can meet most of data synchronization
    analysis and acquisition requirements.
    For mobile devices, GPS inclinometer not only provides high accurate X & Y axis angle data, but also the
    latitude & longitude data, sea level elevation and moving speed data. If GPS base stations available, it will
    realize 40cm positioning accuracy. For more details, please contact Shanghai Vigor.
    GPS inclinometer has strong tilt measuring ability:
    √ ±0.02%FS linearity
    √ ±0.005°Offset and local gravity acceleration automatically compensated via GPS latitude & longitude data, realize high accuracy of zero and wide-range measurement
    √ No location limit to GPS inclinometer. Synchronize to each GPS inclinometer and other equipments by GPS clock
    √ Further confirmed that offset, repeatability, hysteresis, turn on repeatability etc. parameters which are important influence factors to unit total performance evaluation
    √ Internal enhanced advanced intelligent algorithms drastically reduce cross-axis error. upgrade real tilt angle measuring accuracy. Abandoned the traditional incomplete understanding for tilt angle measurement accuracy concept
    √ Patent error calculation and test calibration method, greatly upgrades real tilt angle measuring accuracy and reliability
    √ Greatly reduce measuring errors when the real tilt direction not consistent to inclinometer sensitive axis
    √ Additional to short-circuit, transient voltage, Overheat protection and transposition protection to adapt to industry environment
    √ User can set parameters of inclinometer and query factory data



    Agricultural & construction machinery, Trucks, Buses, Trains
    Other outdoor ground mobile devices
    Track inspection instrument, field geological exploration
    Instruments and other operation equipment
    Field synchronous test system(rely on tilt angle & PPS clock)
    Vessel and other marine equipment
    Geological disaster long-term monitoring system

  • Ordering


    For example, if order a dual-axis GPS inclinometer, with range ±30°, accuracy ±0.02°at room temperature and -20~60℃, CAN2.0 output, 2m cable, the model should be chosen as: SST302-30-G3-F1-00-C1-D3 (2m)
    PC application software— order number SST003-04-09
    Magnetic base— order number SST003-01-01

    Table 3 Accessories 
    Item Order Code Accessories name Function
    00 RS232 Directly angle output
    Data format: Baud rate:115200(adjustable), 8 data bits, 1 start
    bit, 1 stop bit, none parity
    Refresh rate:5Hz, optional: 10Hz, 20Hz
    G1 RS485 Isolated, Compatible with half-duplex or full-duplex communication;
    ±15kV ESD protection
    Compatible with ANSI/TIA/EIA-485-A-98 & ISO8482:1987(E)
    Comply with UL1577—2500V rms for 1min;
    Transmission rate up to 500 kbps, support max 256pcs node
    High common mode transient suppression ability>25kV/us;
    Support Modbus-RTU, sensor supply HEX or ASCII communication
    G2 RS422
    G3 CAN Compliance with ISO/DIS 11898, twisted-pair output
    Support CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B protocol
    Build-in high-speed photo isolators
    Support 15 baud rates from 5k to 1000Kbps
    Transmission distance: 10km Max
    G12 WiFi WLAN protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g, Compatible with Wi-Fi, 2.4G ISM band
    Output power: 15dBm +/-1.5dBm
    Wireless data transmission rate:
    802.11b:1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
    802.11g:6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
    WLAN setting up:Support AP & Ad-Hoc
    Encryption:Support WEP40 and WEP104 encryption (64/128 bit)
    Set-up network time:3~6s
    Cable/plug C1 Standard Cable
    with plug
    Military class connector(meet MIL-C-26482),Standard 2M
    cable,IP67 protection, heavy duty up to 30kg
    C6 Standard plug According to MIL-C-26482,IP67 protection
    D1 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃,accuracy ±0.01°@≤±30°
    D2 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃, accuracy ±0.01°@>±30°
    D3 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@≤±30°
    D4 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@>±30°
    D5 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@≤±30°
    D6 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@>±30°
    D7 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D8 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°
    D9 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range-40~85℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D10 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~85℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°
    Table 4 Options
    Item P/N Option name Function
    SST003-01-01 Magnetic base 50kg suction, permanent magnet, stainless steel
    SST003-01-04 Adjustable base with
    micrometer screw
    Three-points adjustment, resolution 0.001mm,
    stainless steel materials
    Indicator SST003-04-10-01
    (Based on iPhone)
    iAngle mobile software The communication distance with inclinometer ≥200m
    By iPhone or iPad, can directly inspect the data, and do variety of settings, such as: zero, test range, sampling rate, filter coefficient, etc, and have more functions, including alarm, graph, compass chart, bubble chart
    Sampling rate: 20time/sec.
    (Based on iPad)
    SST003-04-09 PC application Software Setting function, Command function, Tool function
    Operating platform: windows XP, Windows 7
    SST003-04-12-00 iss8 software Collecting, preserving and monitoring data of 8pcs
    SST300 inclinometer max, can display each inclinometer data graph, parameters setting early warming and achieve multiple inclinometer networking
    Based on windows
    Power SST003-09-02 The portable rechargeable
    lithium battery packs
    Output 24VDC, Continuous work 24 hours,IP65,