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By Lorenz Messtechnik

• Lorenz-messtechnik GM77
• Display and Decimal Point Freely Scalable
• Mains-, Battery-, Accu Operation
• Cut-Off after 15 min
• Calibration Control Switch
• Maximum Value Memory
• Signal Conversion Switch
• Integrated Accu Charger
• 41⁄2-digit LCD-Display
• Easiest Calibration

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The GM77 is a cost-effective hand-held meas- uring instrument with a 41⁄2-digit, freely scalable LCD display for strain gauge (SG) signals of 0.35 .. 3.5 mV/V.
The compact hand-held measuring instrument is flexibly applicable.
Selectively, it can be used with commercial, ex- ternal accessible batteries, accus or a plug power pack with integrated accu charging func- tion.
The battery saving mode with a 15 min timer switches the instrument off automatically.
By a key, an integrated maximum value mem- ory and a signal inverse function are connecta- ble and disconnectable at any time; the status is indicated on the keys by LED’s.
Another key applies 100% calibration control (if available – see sensor data sheet) of the sen- sor, thus the GM77 can easily be calibrated to a sensor and the calibration can be checked at any time.