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G-Link® -LXRS®

By LORD Microstrain

• LORD SG-Link® -LXRS®
• High Performance
• Lossless data throughput and node-to-node sampling
• Wireless range up to 2km (800mtypical)
• Standard, NIST, or ASTM factory calibration options
• Ease of Use
• Rapid deployment with wireless framework
• Low power consumption allows extended use.
• Remotely configure nodes, acquire and view sensor data with Node Commander®.
• Optional web-based SensorCloud™ interface optimizes data storage, viewing, and analysis.
• Easy integration via comprehensive SDK
• Cost Effective
• Out-of-the box wireless sensing solution reduces development and deployment time.

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The G-Link® -LXRS® is a low-cost integrated accelerometer node with ± 2 or ±10 g measurement range and many sampling options.

Product Highlights

On-board high-speed triaxial ± 2 g or ± 10 g MEMS accelerometer with an internal temperature sensor
Wireless framework is ideal for measuring vibration, tilt, inclination, and acceleration in remote applications.
Supports continuous, burst, and event-triggered sampling and datalogging to internal memory
User-programmable sample rates up to 4096 Hz
2 MB on-board non-volatile data storage
Simultaneously transmit real-time data and log to memory.
IP65/66 environmental enclosures available