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Explosion-Proof Inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology Explosion-Proof
• Real high accuracy & long-term stability
• Armored cable, Anti-pull, wear & corrosion resistance and so on
• Compliance with standards of CENELEC, IEC and NEC
• EXdIICT6 explosion-proof , IP66 protection
• Aluminum alloy housing

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  • Product info

    Explosion-proof inclinometer based on Vigor’s patented tilt technology and special EX protections, performs real high accuracy tilt data and high safety & durability, including robust casting aluminum, also employed professional connector/cable/protection/grounding etc. which according to ATEX/IECEX.
    Explosion-proof inclinometer has strong tilt measuring ability:
    √ ±0.02%FS linearity
    √ ±0.005°Offset
    √ Further confirmed that offset, repeatability, hysteresis, turn on repeatability etc. parameters which are important influence factors to unit total performance evaluation
    √ Internal enhanced advanced intelligent algorithms drastically reduce cross-axis error, upgrade realtilt angle measuring accuracy, abandoned the traditional incomplete understanding for tilt angle measurement accuracy concept
    √ Greatly reduce measuring errors when the real tilt direction not consistent for unit’s sensitive axis
    √ Short-circuit, transient voltage, overheat protection and transposition protection to adapt to industry environment

    Level measurement in harsh environment (petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, flammable and explosive), precision angle measurement, and industry & lab equipment leveling.
    Attitude monitoring, angle measurement and alarming of the building and structures in gas explosion-proof zone 1 & 2 and dust explosion-proof zone 21 & 22.
    Attitude monitoring in harsh environment, such as offshore drilling platform, large-inflammable and explosive storage, complex geology, dangerous vehicles and vessels. Also applied for monitoring the detection equipment in the dangerous area.

  • Ordering



    For example: If ordering need an explosion proof inclinometer, measurement range is ±5°, the accuracy is ±0.02°(normal temp), ±0.02° at temp from -20~60℃, 4~20mA output, 10m length cable, so the model should be SST302-05-G19-00-B5-C9-D3(10m)

    Options (see table 4):
    Barriers —–Order No. is SST003-12-01, quantity: 1 pc.

    Table 3 Accessories 
    Item Order Code Accessories name Function
    G19 4~20mA Output voltage proportional to tilt angle data
    Linearity: 0.02% FS
    Output impedance 39Ω, maximum load 625Ω
    G20 0~5VDC Linearity:0.02%FS max
    Output impedance 100Ω, output current ±10mA max
    G21 -5~+5VDC
    D1 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃,accuracy ±0.01°@≤±30°
    D2 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃, accuracy ±0.01°@>±30°
    D3 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@≤±30°
    D4 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@>±30°
    D5 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@≤±30°
    D6 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@>±30°
    D7 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D8 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°
    Table 4 Options
    Item P/N Option name Function
    SST003-12-01 Barrier(voltage input) Ex-mark[Exia]IIC
    Analog output: GYB081023 (China)
    RS485 output: GYB081133(China)
    Switch output: GYB081555(China)
    35mm rail
    Power supply:24V±10% DC
    Input signal:0~5VDC, -5~+5VDC, input impedance ≥ 510 KΩ
    Output: voltage/current, RS-485, switch output
    Accuracy: 0.2%FS±1 bit, Operating temperature: -40℃~85℃
    SST003-12-02 Barrier(current input) Ex-mark[Exia]IIC
    Certificate no.: CNEx11.0456 (China)
    35mm rail
    power supply: 24V±10% DC, Input signal: 4~20mA,
    0~20mA, input impedance≤250Ω, Output: voltage/current ,
    RS-485, Switch output, Accuracy: 0.2%FS±1 bit
    Power supply (for inclinometer): 24VDC
    Insulating strength:2500V, A.C: 1min
    Operating temperature: -40℃~85℃
    Optional other barrier product with Europe, Canada & US certificate, Please ask Shanghai Vigor.
    SST003-11-01 Test report for cross-axis sensitivity Test report under banking tilt, average 11 points of full range
    SST003-11-02 Absolute linearity Average 21 points of full range
    SST003-11-03 Test report for Allowed
    Installation misalignment
    Axis migration test report for vertical and axis of inclinometer, 3 angles of point
    SST003-11-10 Test report for life simulation Test report for zero position and full range under 7 days
    continuously power on
    SST003-11-13 Test report for salt spray According to MIL standard (meet MIL810F 509.4)