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By Lorenz Messtechnik

• Lorenz Messtechnik
• Nominal torque from 1 N·m ... 500 N·m
• High accuracy 0.1% f. scale
• Integrated speed/angle measurement
• Both shaft ends with keys
• Very short axial length
• High torsional stiffness
• Reliable and durable
• Simple handling and assembly
• Special versions on request

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By default, rotating torque transducers with slip rings sent an analog, unamplified strain gauge bridge output signal in mV/V, which is transmitted via high-quality, low-wear slip rings. Slip ring sensors are generally used for individual, random inspections or torque measurements, performed at low speed. An integrated speed/angle measurement is standardized in most torque sensors with slip ring transmission. Typical applications for this type of sensor are for example screw driving tech­nolo­gies, test bench applications such as testing of engines, gears, bearings and seals … .