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CDS Cable-Extension Displacement Sensor

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurement
• Full-scale ranges from 5 to 50 inches
• Rugged, low profile design
• Switch-selectable potentiometer and Wheatstone bridge output circuits
• Standard RJ-45 electrical connections.
• Compatible with all Micro-Measurements strain gage and
high-level-signal instrumentation.
• Easy to install and use.

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The Micro-Measurements Cable-Extension Displacement Sensor provides a voltage signal linearly proportional to the extension of a retractable stainless steel cable. Used for indicating the displacement of the test structure, member or part to which the cable is attached, installation is quick and easy. Simply attach the base of the sensor to a reference surface, the cable to the component being displaced, and the electrical leads to any instrument accepting strain-gage or high-level signal inputs. With the certified calibration data and wiring instructions provided with each sensor, you will be making displacement measurements in minutes.

Measurement Range

CDS-05     127 mm

CDS-10     254 mm

CDS-20     508 mm

CDS-30     762 mm

CDS-40     1016 mm

CDS-50     1270 mm