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CAN inclinometer

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology
• ISO11898-2 standard, twisted-pair output
• Protocol stack follows CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B
• Built-in high-speed optoelectronic isolation
• Support 5K-1000Kbps total 15 kinds of CiA recommended Baud rate
• Distance achieves 10 Km, can connect 127 units
• Patent, Real high accuracy tilt measurement

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  • Product info

    CAN inclinometer is based on Vigor patent tilt measurement technology and combined with CAN module, according to high reliability & stability evaluation methodology of military/ erospace application. It focus to various industrial measuring and control system of PLC/DAQ applications. Not only meet to critical null repeatability, also suite to static/dynamic leveling with different optional modules in platform leveling application. With real high combined accuracy, this unit performs high accuracy data of any angle point.
    CAN inclinometer except meet IS011898-2 standard, furthermore has strong measuring ability:
    √ ±0.02%FS linearity
    √ ±0.005°Offset
    √ Combine with gyro module, realize static/dynamic angle measuring for low/rapid leveling.
    √ With vibration module, realize FFT computations in-time, output vibration frequency and amplitude data directly, eliminate the influence of environment vibration
    √ Combine with GPS module, realize data synchronization data acquisition and local position data in different installation places
    √ Further confirmed that offset/repeatability/hysteresis/turn on repeatability etc. parameters which are important influence factors to total performance evaluation
    √ Internal enhanced advanced intelligent algorithms drastically reduce cross-axis error. upgrades real tilt angle measuring accuracy, abandoned the traditional incomplete understanding for tilt angle me asurement accuracy concept
    √ Greatly reduce measuring errors when the real tilt direction not consistent for unit’s actual sensitive axis
    √ Short-circuit, transient voltage, transposition protections to adapt to industry environment
    √ User can set unit’s all kinds of parameters via CAN interface, and query factory data
    CAN inclinometer supports ISO11898-2 slave point standard protocol, point to point or one point to multipoint communication method. Working model supports acknowledge model, continuous sending mode and parameter setting mode. User can setup via CAN interface and set zero point, baud rate, local gravitational acceleration value, zero calibration, vibration suppression filter coefficients, ID address, refresh rate, etc.
    CAN transmitting speed is 5kbps~1Mbps. Support 127 nodes in single network on a twisted-pair cable, maximum load line length is 10km. By kinds of recommend options (CAN-Fiber converter, etc.) can maintain high speed data rate with longer communication distance.
    C13 cable option is a 120Ω dedicated twisted-pair cable based on the characteristic impedance of CAN specification. It includes proprietary 100% aluminum foil shield and 65% tinned copper braid shield, with maximum shielding effect. It is capable of carrying PLTC listed signal of UL NEC Type, installation flexibility. Meanwhile, in order to meet request of real on-site adjustment and display, Vigor provides specialized CAN connector LED indicator, can realize the function of parameter setting, alarm point setting, angle value displaying, etc.

  • Ordering:



    For example, if order a dual axis CAN inclinometer, with range ±15°, room temperature accuracy ±0.02°, -20~60℃ accuracy ±0.02°, output CAN2.0, 25 meters cable with plug,GPS function module, the model should be chosen as: SST302-15-G3-F1 -00-C13-D3 (25m)
    Other options (see table 4):
    PC application software ——order number SST003-04-09
    Magnetic base——order number SST003-01-01

    Table 3 Accessories 
    Item Order Code Accessories name Function
    F1 GPS module Positioning accuracy 2.5m CEP; 2.0m @ SBAS
    Local gravity acceleration automatic revision
    Time pulse accuracy: 30ns RMS, Original data refresh rate: 4Hz
    Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s,Receiver type:GPS L1 band,C/A code;
    Higher positioning accuracy GPS available
    F4 Gyro module ±100/250/400°/s, X/Y/Z axis dynamic angular rate
    In-run bias: ±0.02°/s, Non-linearity: 0.1%FS
    Bandwidth: 50Hz,Noise density:0.02°/s/√Hz
    Higher accuracy gyro module available
    F5 Vibration module Three-axis vibration detection, frequency response≤5 kHz
    Range: 0g~±1g/ ±5g/ ±10g/ ±20g, adjustable
    Sampling(real-time): 20.48 kSPS
    Filter programmable, 11pcs set points
    FFT, 512-point, real valued, all three-axis(x, y, z)
    Storage: 14 FFT records on all three-axis(x, y, z)
    Alarm programmable, 6 spectrums
    Cable/Plug C13 Military connector with cable Military class connector(meet MIL-C-26482),Standard 2M CAN/CANOPEN cable,IP67 protection, heavy duty up to 30kg
    D1 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃,accuracy ±0.01°@≤±30°
    D2 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0~60℃, accuracy ±0.01°@>±30°
    D3 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@≤±30°
    D4 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -20~60℃, accuracy ±0.02°@>±30°
    D5 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@≤±30°
    D6 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -30~60℃, accuracy ±0.03°@>±30°
    D7 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D8 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~65℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°
    D9 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range-40~85℃, accuracy ±0.05°@≤±30°
    D10 Temperature drift Temperature compensation range -40~85℃, accuracy ±0.05°@>±30°


    Table 4 Options
    Item P/N Option name Function
    Software SST003-04-09 PC application software Setting function, Command function, Tool function
    Operating platform: Windows XP, Windows 7
    More information please see datasheet of this options
    Indicator SST003-04-18 CAN indicator Power supply:10~35VDC
    Communication protocol: ISO 11898,Baud
    LED:15 mm high, range – 99999~999999
    Size: 96x48x120 mm
    Converter SST003-05-02 RS232-CAN converter Bidirectional communication of CAN and RS-232
    CAN-bus circuit adopts DC 2500V electric isolation
    Support CAN2.0A/B protocol, follow ISO/DIS 11898
    Provide three kinds of data conversion models:
    transparent conversion, transparent identity
    conversion, Modbus protocol conversion.
    SST003-05-16 CAN-Multimode fiber
    Completely compatible ISO11898 standard
    Optical wavelength: 1310nm; 110 nodes;
    CAN port max. distance : 5000m, SC-PC
    transmission distance 20~100 km;
    SST003-05-17 CAN-Single-mode fiber converter Completely compatible ISO11898
    Fiber: single-mode 62.5/125μm, wavelength 1310nm ;
    Load capacity supports 110 nodes;
    CAN port max. distance : 5000m, SC-PC
    transmission distance 20~100 km;
    Installation SST003-01-01 Magnetic base 50kg suction, permanent magnet, stainless steel materials