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Bondable Terminals

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurement Terminals
• Designed for use in strain gage circuits
• Copper foil
• Polyimide Film or Epoxy-glass laminate Backing
• Wide Range of selection

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Micro-Measurements bondable terminals are specially designed for use in strain gage circuits. They are produced from 0.0014-in [0.036-mm] thick, copper foil, laminated on either of two types of backing material. Both backings are readily bondable with strain gage adhesives. Terminals are offered in four different geometries, and in a range of sizes to suit varying gage installation needs.

Type PF Polyimide Film:
0.003 in [0.08 mm] thick. This is the preferred general- purpose backing material. It is more flexible and conformable than the Type EG, although not as strong. Type PF backing combines high-temperature capability, resistance to soldering damage and good electrical properties. It is suitable for long-term use at +450° to +500°F [+230° to +260°C], limited primarily by gradual oxidation of the copper foil interface. The relatively high thermal expansion coefficient of unfilled polyimide can cause loss of bond at temperatures below –100°F [–75°C].

Type EG Epoxy-Glass Laminate:
0.005 in [0.13 mm] thick. This special laminate provides a strong but flexible backing for terminals. It is suitable for long-term use at +300°F [+150°C], and is recommended for cryogenic applications at temperatures down to –452°F [–269°C]. The radius of curvature of the mounting surface should generally be greater than 1/8 in [3 mm].


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