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Adjustable base with micrometer screw

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology
• High resolution& accuracy& stability
• Only be used for testing and adjustment of the static environment
• Three-point adjustment, quick installation without considering the mounting surface
• Available to accurately measure small-angle changes
• Stainless steel material, high hardness, wear intensity
• Suite to SST300 series inclinometer

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Adjustable base with micrometer screw is for carrying and fixing SST300 inclinometer of Accessories. When installing SST300 device, the user does not have to consider the surface status, and can achieve to precise zero adjustment and quick installation by three-point adjustment via the micrometer screw.

Order number SST003-01-04
Axis direction Dual axis
Adjustment Angle range ±3°
Min. adjustable tilt angle 0.0024°
Micrometer screw scale range 0~13mm
Micrometer screw resolution 0.005mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Size 150x150x10mm
Temperature Range 40-85℃
Weight 1.5kg