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Adjustable base with bubble

By Vigor Technology

• Vigor Technology
• Suit to any SST301/302 series inclinometer
• Dual axis

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Order number SST003-01-03
Application Suit to any SST301/302 series inclinometer
Axis direction Dual axis
Adjustment angle range ±3°
Bubble resolution 20″
Adjustable screw scale range 0-6.5mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Size 152x152x20mm
Weight 1.5kg
Temperature range -40-85℃

Installation instructions
1. The screw should adjust to half-range (6.5mm) each. (see picture 1)
2. Align X-axis of SST301/302 inclinometer to the marked line”x” on base. (see picture 2)
3. Fix the SST300 inclinometer on the base. Adjust screws at same scale.