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3DSuit Motion Capture System

By Inertial Labs

• Affordable Price
• 4-17 3D orientation sensors
• Waterproof as Option
• Real-time visualization, playback and editing
• WiFi Interface
• ±1200 or ±2000 deg/sec Gyroscopes measurement range
• 1% Positioning accuracy
• 1 deg Heading, Pitch and Roll accuracy

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3DSuit is affordable price, full-body, camera-less, wireless Inertial Motion Capture System. It is a flexible solution that can be used indoors or outdoors.



Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Movement Science, Military Training, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, R&D and Education.

Key Specifications
Price: Affordable
Number of 3D orientation sensors: 4-17
Waterproof: Option
Heading, Pitch and Roll accuracy: 1 deg, RMS
Positioning accuracy: 1% (from traveled distance)
Accelerometers measurement range: ±2 or ±16 g
Gyroscopes measurement range: ±1200 or ±2000 deg/sec
Interface: WiFi
Type of software: Kinematics Skeleton
Animation file support: *.bvh
Motion Capture Software: Real-time visualization, playback and editing
Software support: MotionBuilder, Unity


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