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3DM-GX4 -25™ Attitute Heading Reference System

By LORD Microstrain

• LORD Microstrain 3DM-GX4 -25™
• High performance AHRS
• Dual on-boardprocessors
• Fully calibrated
• Temperature compensated
• Smallest and lightest industrial AHRS available

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The 3DM-GX4-25TM is a high-performance, miniature, Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) that combines micro inertial sensors for use in a wide range of industrial grade applications, such as unmanned vehicle navigation, robotic control, platform stabilization, motion tracking and analysis, vehicle health monitoring, and device aiming.
The 3DM-GX4-25TM utilizes the strengths of integrated multi-axis gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers in combination with temperature, and pressure readings to provide highly accurate attitude (including heading), and inertial measurements. Each of the integrated sensors is especially good at certain tasks, and it is the weighted combination of their outputs that provides the best estimations for attitude. All sensor measurements are temperature compensated and are mathematically aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system. The combination of sensors, environmental compensation, and dual on-board processing with an Adaptive Kalman Filter (AKF) allows the 3DM-GX4-25TM to perform well in a wide variety of applications that require low noise, drift, gain, and offset errors. Uncertainty monitoring, and bias estimation outputs are available, and settings for sensor filtering, sensor noise, sensor bias, and more offer many adjustments for specific application needs.
The 3DM-GX4-25TM communicates through a serial connection and is monitored by a host computer. Sensor measurements and computed outputs can be viewed and recorded with the LORD MicroStrain® MIPTM Monitor software that is provided with system starter kits and also available as a free download from the LORD MicroStrain® website. Alternatively, users can write custom software with the LORD MicroStrain® open source data communication protocol. The data is time-aligned and available by either polling or continuous stream.

• High performance integrated MEMS sensor technologyprovide direct and computed AHRS outputs in a small package.
• Triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature sensors, and a pressure altimeter achieve the best combination of measurement qualities.
• Dual on-board processors run a sophisticated AdaptiveKalman Filter (AKF) for excellent static and dynamic attitude estimates and inertial measurements.