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3DM-GX3® -25-OEM Attitude Heading Reference System

By LORD Microstrain

• LORD Microstrain 3DM-GX3® -25-OEM
• Fully calibrated
• Temperature compensated
• Small size
• Easy integration via comprehensive SDK

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The 3DM-GX3® -25-OEM is a lower cost, miniature, industrial-grade attitude heading and reference system (AHRS) with integrated magnetometers, and OEM form factor.

•High performance integrated MEMS sensor technology provide direct and computed AHRS outputs in a small package.
•Triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and temperature sensors achieve the best combination of measurement qualities.
•On-board processor runs a sophisticated Complimentary Filter (CF) fusion algorithm for precise attitude estimates and inertial measurements
•Sampling rates up to 30 KHz and data output up to 1 KHz
•Small size, lightweight packaging, and header connector interface ideal for OEM integration

Best in Class Performance
Fully calibrated, temperature compensated, and mathematically aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system for highly accurate outputs
Bias tracking, error estimation, threshold flags, and adaptive noise modeling allow for fine tuning to conditions in each application.

Ease of Use
Easy integration via comprehensive SDK
Common protocol with the 3DM-GX4® and 3DM-RQ1™ sensor families for easy migration

Cost Effective 
Out-of-the box solution reduces development time.