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326-DFV 3-lead Flat Wire

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurements 326-DFV
• 3-conductor flat cable
• 0.404 mm Ø
• 30 m
• Stranded tinned-copper wire
• Vinyl insulation
• –50° to +80°C
• 26 AWG

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Different strain gage installation conditions and test specifications often necessitate the use of different types or sizes of leadwires. For accurate, reliable strain measurements, it is important to use an appropriate type of leadwire for each installation

Stranded tinned-copper wire, 3-conductor flat cable, vinyl insulation:
Convenient general-purpose cable. For use from –60° to +180°F [–50° to +80°C]. Flat construction requires minimum space. Color-coded red/white/black