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3145 RTV

By Micro-Measurements (Vishay)

• Micro-Measurement 3145 RTV
• Easy to use
• Good mechanical protection
• Good Cable anchor
• Room-temperature cure

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Single-component 98%-solids RTV silicone rubber. Room temperature cure (humidity-reactive). Completely non-corrosive. Forms tough, rubbery coating. Excellent properties. Opaque gray coating of higher strength and toughness than 3140 RTV. Not self-leveling.

Easy-to-apply general-purpose coating. Lab and eld use. Low reinforcing effects. High-elongation capabilities. Good for short-term water immersion. Resists many chemicals. Bonds to contaminated surfaces for short-term tests; for best long-term protection, chemically clean surface and prime with M-LINE RTV Primer No. 1. Very thick coatings can be applied without sag or runoff. Tear strength much higher than 3140. Good cable anchor.