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Manner Standard Measuring Flanges

By Manner Sensortelemetrie

• Manner Sensortelemetrie
• Compact and short
• Highly precise torque signal
• Without bearing (no friction)
• Torque range of 5 Nm to 1 MNm
• High torsional strength
• Maintenance-free via inductive energy and data coupling
• Network compatible (CAN, Ethernet)
• Re-calibration without mechanical intervention

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Torque measuring flanges from MANNER can be employed for the measurement of both static and dynamic torques on rotating or stationary shafts and machine flanges. Using the torque and rotation speed parameters, the power flow along a shaft can be directly calculated. In the age of automation and the demand for ever better efficiency, these two parameters are becoming increasingly important.

With our system the measuring signal is transmitted by means of induction. In the standard model the transmission path is composed of two solid wire loops (stator and rotor, each one winding). The loops can also be constructed as separable solid rings.