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By Lorenz Messtechnik

• Lorenz Messtechnik LCV-USB2
• Supply of the Measuring System via PC USB Port
• Fast Measurement of up to 5000 Measurements/s Up to 16 bit Resolution
• Input Ranges for mV, V and mA
• Integrable in large Sensors as Board
• Adjustment and Control Signal Switch via Software
• High Level of Protection IP67

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USB-Sensor-Interface with freely available Configuration and Evaluation Software VS2. The Evaluation and Excitation of the connected Sensor occurs via the USB Interface of the PC. Sensors with Output Signals of mV/V, ±5V, ±10V, 0/4 … 20 mA, 10±10 mA or 12±8 mA are suitable for the Connection. Through the Measuring Rate of up to 5000/s, high-dynamic Measurements are realizable. This Measuring Amplifier is also very suitable for rough Industry Applications by the high Level of Protection IP67 of the Housing, It is also available as a Board without Housing which allows direct Integration in many Sensors.

The sensor interface LCV-USB2 is connected between sensor and PC. By this, analog sensor signals are digitized with up to 16 bit resolution. By the measuring rate of up to 5000 measurements per second, high dynamic measuring tasks are realizable. The meas- ured values are transferred to the PC via the USB interface and are visualized by the software. If a control signal is integrated in the sensor, an automatic adjustment can be carried out, which is checkable at any time (monitoring of the measuring chain).
Many commercially available sensors e.g. force, torque, displacement or pressure sensors can be used with the LCV-USB2. The sen- sor parameters can be stored in the LCV-USB2. After a one-time parameterization, each sensor is recognized automatically by the software. Thus, the measurement can be immediately started after the connection of the sensor through the USB-connector.
The robust metal housing with high protection level allows fast fixation by screw-clamps or cable ties. The board module can also be integrated in larger sensor.
The connection to LabVIEW and/or integration in-house programs is possible with the freely available driver package.