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By Lorenz Messtechnik

• Lorez Messtechnik LCV
• High Accuracy
• Direct Connection to PLC
• Long Input Lead Possibility from LCV to Evaluation
• Voltage or Current Output
• Integrable in large Sensors as Board
• High Level of Protection IP67

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Strain Gauge (SG) Sensor-Interface for the Conversion of SG-based Sensor (e.g. Force and Torque Sensors or Load Cells) Output Signals to normed Voltage Signals of ±5V, ±10V, 0/4 … 20 mA, 10±10 mA or 12±8 mA for the direct Connection to e.g. a PLC or Production Machine. By the high Level of Protection IP67 of the Housing, the Measuring Amplifier is also suitable for rough Industry Applications. The Measuring Amplifier is also available as a Board without Housing which allows direct integration in many Sensors.

This sensor-interface was designed for the adaption between SG-Sensor and evaluation. The interference-prone SG-Signals are raised to standardized output levels at the sensor, directly. By this, the noise immunity and the accuracy of measurement is decisively in- creased.
The LCV is connected between the supply line of the sensor and signal acquisition (e.g. PLC). The robust tube-housing with a high level of protection also allows operation in rough environments. A screw clamp is suffi- cient for the fixation. A circuit board module can be integrated for large sensors.
The supply of 12 .. 28VDC is suitable for au- tomotive and industrial applications. High flex- ibility is ensured by many analog output ver- sions.
For very slow measurements; a 50 Hz -3 dB filter can be pre-configured as an option.
An optional external control signal excitation allows to activate the control signal in the sensor (if available) with a control signal, ex- ternally. By this, the adjustment and the sub- sequent calibration can be checked at any time.
If the LCV is ordered with a Lorenz-Sensor, it will be mounted and calibrated together ex- factory.
If the LCV is ordered without a sensor, an un- calibrated assembly set (amplifier module, tube-housing, screw connection) is delivered. All output versions can be configured by sol- der jumpers. As an option, the amplifier mod- ule can be pre-calibrated to a value, deter- mined by the customer. At initiation only the zero point must be adjusted.